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How can chiropractic be so affordable?

Stephen Harkins, D.C. founded and developed over fifty chiropractic practices throughout California at The Joint chiropractic franchise locations. There he pioneered the efficiencies that drive high volume, affordable fee chiropractic. His current practice, Chirocore, adds cutting-edge, effective care making his services an exceptional value. Dr. Harkins is heavily influenced by the works of Robert Maigne, M.D. and Andrew A. Fischer, MD. Their work on the segmental vertebral cellulotenoperiostiomyalgic syndrome and Segmental Spinal Sensitization respectively, provides the basis for his analysis and practice techniques. He is endlessly fascinated by the ability of the body to heal with such simple techniques using only his hands; he has recently gained an interest in the biopsychosocial approach to chronic pain. He enjoys the relentless pursuit of healing results for all of his patients. Dr. Harkins lives and works in Dana Point where he enjoys bodysurfing, volleyball, basketball, hiking, and biking.

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My mission is to get you RESULTS. I relieve human suffering through perfect function of the spine and extremities. I use my unique perspective to passionately and relentlessly pursue pain free living for the world.

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Our mission is to get you back to perfect function and to maintain it. Dysfunction in the spine and extremities leads to dysfunction in the body.

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24941 Dana Point Harbor
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